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thankfully no one was hurt. >> we were darn lucky that we didn't have people killed in the school, because it had the makings of a bad, bad situation, and we are just -- we're blessed that it has turned out this way with no one -- no one killed. >> police say michael brandon hill eventually surrendered. he is facing charges of aggravated assault and terroristic threats. a 9-1-1 dispatcher helped deliver a baby boy on route 100. megan blizzard was talking to the dad taking him through the process when he brought his new son into the world. listen. >> place the balm of your hand against and apply firm and gentle pressure to keep the baby's head from moving too fast. okay? >> the baby's out. >> he's completely out now? >> yes, yes. okay. is the baby crying and breathing? >> yes. >> okay. okay. do you have a towel or a t- shirt or a cloth or anything like that with you? >> we have a towel.
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>> it is amazing how calm she stayed through that entire process. the newborn baby's named demon and his parents are at the anne arundel medical center right now. everyone doing fine. this is the first time where there was actually a delivery while blizzard was on the other end of that phone line. a person's last wish made a lot of people very happy. a helicopter dumped $10,000 in cash over the town of lewis delaware. the chopper hovered for 5 minutes and money just rained down on a stunned crowd below. the police say that they were there. they were in on the plan. they sent an officer over to make sure that there was no fighting over the cash. >> people were swimming through the canal boats coming in scooping it up with nets, it was pretty crazy. >> and everything went peacefully. officers didn't have to break up any fights. one person walked away with 700
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bucks in cash. several days ago on facebook we started a conversation with you about the best crabs maryland. the usual suspects were there, l. p. steamers, nicks cope side. you know them then the subject changed to the best seasonings and we saw the usual names but many of you started telling us about j. o. spice a locally owned company out of halethorpe with a recipe dating back to 1945. we dropped in on don and ginger port to see what it is they're doing that sets them apart. >> that was don's grandchild saying like customer service is what made this company. that's what sets us apart from anything else because we can be there like that. >> coming up tonight on abc2 news we're going to take you behind the scenes of the j. o. spice company to show you how they've been providing seasonings to many of your favorite spots for years, and the kicker is you may not even know it. also we're going to show you some of the other identity -- items you can now get your
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hands on. that's coming up on abc2 news. we're back after this.
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thanks for joining us this morning. award wink mystery writer eleanor leonard has passed away. produced get shorty, 52 pickup, and many of those books were adapted into screen. leonard suffered a stroke two weeks ago. the author died in his home in michigan. new information this morning on beau biden's son -- or beau biden, the son of vice president joe biden. there's word he is being evaluated at a cancer center in texas. biden felt weak and disoriented after driving to indiana for a family vacation. this is not the first health scare for beau biden who became delaware's attorney general in 2007. after a mild stroke in may of
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2010 he spent a week at the hospital and more than a month recuperating at home. health problems that forced aretha franklin from attend an event in chicago. major league baseball was set to honor her as the beacon of change honor row. she says she's unable to travel. she has refused to be more specific about the ailments. . a live look downtown right now, gfor the 7:00 hour. many of you getting ready to head out the door. how's it going to look all day? >> charley we have some changes coming in the forecast for you. and i'm speaking of a nice cooldown across the area. stick around for that coming up. >> here's a look at the fog on 83. i'll show you what the other main lines look at and bring you the latest drive times coming up after the break. and you could save hundreds."
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and now from abc2, maryland's most accurate forecast. good morning everyone. let's take a look outside in ijamsville where we are dealing with patchy fog. this will burn off as we head towards the 9: hour, and then we'll start to see improvements, a little sunshine out there today along with clouds as well. i'm going to call it partly cloudy throughout the morning hours and then we'll start to see some changes in the afternoon. some possibility for some showers and storms. for right now as you're heading out the door look at the temperature in ijamsville at 64, hickory 64, 65 in glenelg this morning and we will continue with the patchy fog in
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glenelg and hickory. as you're stepping out the door you might want to grab the umbrella as well. the scattered showers and storms could be popping as we go throughout the day. definitely a good possibility. and this is going to be a good day in terms of temperatures to get out there to the pool. as you go into 3:00 keep your eyes to the sky for thunderstorms. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. we have a few crashes right now. in anne arundel county and one in arnold along the northbound lanes of ritchie highway and old frederick road. in carroll county there's another accident in westminster on meadow branch road at kriders church road. you want to be extra careful traveling in frederick as well as on 83. you're taking a look at padonia road, no significant delays as you make the push to the beltway. traffic will remain nice and clear as you get on to the jfx and head into the city. 95 downtown at 395 traffic moving along. no delays from the white marsh area to the fort mchenry
6:43 am
tollways here's a look at the latest drive times, no problems on the south side of the 95. traveling northbound from route 100 up to the beltway, typical drive time of 6 minutes. the west side of 695 starting to congest. 2 minutes from my last report drive time wise to travel the outer loop from 795 to 95. that will take you 13 minutes. over in parkville nothing to get in your way as you make the push towards the towson area. more legal problems for delegate don dwyer. he's been charged with driving under the influence. abc2's roosevelt leftwich is live in millersville with more on what dwyer's colleagues are saying about this latest arrest. >> reporter: it's all the talk here in anne arundel county, big headline, dwyer charged with new dui. the second accusation is causing some of his constituents and colleagues to and him to step down. dwyer was arrested early yesterday morning by anne arundel county police. officers say he was swerving
6:44 am
badly in his cadillac on route 100. this latest arrest is a little less than a year to the day when dwyer crashed a boat he was driving into another boat full on children on the river. for that incident he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and promised to go through treatment. a man who was on the boat that day, randy harbin says he's not surprised by this latest incident. now the charges against dwyer won't get him kicked out of office because they're misdemeanors and according to the rules of the house, it will not keep him from serving as a law make maker but michael bush says in part delegate definer's conduct and indiscretion has put him in direct conflict with this state. he went on to say voters in that district will decide dwyer's future. unlike the last time he was arrested for driving under the influence, dwyer has had so far nothing to say.
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reporting live from millersville roosevelt leftwich abc2 news. troubling news out of japan. that country is expected to declare a toxic water leak. a level 3 serious incident. it the gravest warning since the after math of the massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011. the leak has been provides aioli assigned at a level 1 rate which means no legitimate safety threat. the owners of the plant have struggled to manage the contaminated water since the tsunami. they believe the leak may be coming from a seam or a faulty valve. they say the leaks are not a threat to the ocean. a nuclear watchdog group said the toxic water could reach the sea. progress is being made on a costa concordia recovery project. the ship is expected to be lift into an upright position next month. it's taken months of work to get the ship upright. moving it from the sea is not expected to be complete until
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sometime in 2014. a pair of massive tanks have been placed at the bow of the ship to stabilize it and prevent any chances of additional damage. 32 people died when that ship capsized last year. today private first class bradley manning will learn his fate. he was found guilty of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the web site wikileaks. manning was convicted last month and now faces up to 90 years. and prosecutors want a 60 year sentence. manning will get credit for 3 and a half years he has spent in a military jail. another trial with major nidal hasan that continues today in fort hood texas. the prosecution rested their side of the case and hasan is expected to defend himself today. he's indicated he does not plan to call witnesses to the stand. he's expected to discuss religious justification for his actions. the army psychiatrist is charged with killing 13 unarmed fellow soldiers during a
6:47 am
shooting rampage in november of 2009. two unions representing baltimore city firefighters have approved a new contract with the city. the mayor says the agreement will increase pay by 16.5%. it requires the firefighters to work longer shifts. the fire chief says the new contract will save the city millions in overtime pay and prevent layoffs in the future. baltimore county has to pay up a judge order that had county to refund more than half a million dollars in health insurance premiums overpaid by hundreds of police department retirees. the money must be paid back in the next 20 days. it's not clear whether the county plans to fight the ruling. maryland congressman chris van holland is filing a lawsuit against the irs challenging the agency's interpretation of a law that governors tax exception eligibility for social welfare groups. it will address one of the main concerns which is the difference between federal law and the irs rules on eligibility for these
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organizations. a local nonprofit group is making sure kids in need have the proper supplies before going back to school. the acoban foundation's hosting a back to school rally today. it goes from 4 to 7 at the edmondson-westside skill center. they're offering free haircuts and face painting for kids. a web site is set to launch to explain the decision behind the pay to play plan in harfordn't can. the school board voted to change students and charge them $50 to play a sport. parents are obviously not happy about the decision. however the board says it had to implement the fee because the county turned down their request for $20 million to balance their budget. a meeting a scheduled for tonight. you watch the nfl power rankings every week to see where your team stands, espn released a new type of list. the mlb uniform watch power rankings and our baltimore orioles come in at number 9.
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the list author basically took an issue of punctuation and he writes the orioles secondary logo which appears on their alternative cap has an upside down apostrophe. we'll have to check it out. i never noticed. how many people in various mlb offices signed off on that mistake, despite the flaw the team's current look is very sharp. the st. louis cardinals uniforms uniforms are number 1 on the list. details from the nfl on the keith urban concert coming up september 5th. the concert's kicking off at 6:00 with urban singing on a floating stage. free seats near the maryland science center on a first come first serve basis. immediately after the concert there's going to be a light and sound celebration of the ravens super bowl xlvii victory. then the ravens will take on denver. that kickoff is set for 8:30. a great way to welcome in the season even though the ravens are on the road. >> that sounds good and you know what today we will get
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some sunshine in here, but we have to wait for the fog to burn off in some spots this morning. we can see the clouds out there mainly to the south, but some of them are trying to kick up towards the north this morning. all in all we will have the chance for some showers and thunderstorms even as we go towards the afternoon time frame. be prepared for that. the keyword is that these showers and storms will be scattered as we go towards the afternoon. parkton we're headed outside and we can see what's going on this morning, we have a little patchy fog across the area. we can't see some of those tree tops out there because of that fog, but all in all, we continue to see a nice day on tap. we will have more humid and are going to be dealing with temperatures on the higher side as well. here they are right now, we're coming in at 68 degrees in hanover. 71 in reisterstown. and this is what we have going on at the surface, this is why we're going to be more humid because this area of high pressure will start to slide off towards the east, and we'll
6:51 am
get returns around that, and then we're waiting for issue a cold front that's going to be moving into the area as we head towards tomorrow, that will be bringing us a better chaps for showers and storms in the forecast. abc2 east most accurate future trend goes into motion. it picks up into the showers and we'll do it again as we head towards tomorrow you can see it here around lunchtime. this will linger possibly into your commute home for thursday. but then things start to improve as we head towards the weekend. in the meantime download our storm shield weather app. it's going to keep you updated and safe in your neighborhood. 87 degrees will be the high temperature for today. as we head towards the weekend looks nice under mostly sunny skies. let's get a check on the traffic with lauren. here's a live look at the fog you were talking about along 83 at padonia road. no delays to get in your way as you make the drive to the beltway. the jfx in great shape. 695 is starting to pick up here on the west side. drive times now up to 13 minutes for those of you making
6:52 am
the stretch on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. not terrible, just an extra 2 minutes. it is, again, starting to build. if you are traveling on beltway, no problems from parkville up to towson. the tunnels are in great shape. i am following another crash in anne arundel county right in arnold along the northbound lanes of ritchie highway at old frederick road. that is your time saver traffic. some top stories that we're following this morning. two teens in oklahoma are being held without bail. a bail hearing has been set at $1 million they say for a third teen also accused in the shooting death. this all from a college baseball player who was shot. they say they did it because they were bored. the school those teens attend has stronger security after anonymous threats were made against it. the school does not know if they're credible but they are being cautious. a georgia elementary school bookkeeper says she worked to convince a gunman to put down his weapons. ant 2000 net told -- the man
6:53 am
armed with an assault style rifle got into a dequarter elementary school and exchanged gunfire. no one was injured. all 8 o'0 students got out. after a yellow cab jumped the curb and hit a new york city pedestrian, dr. oz of all people, the tv personality came to the rescue. the celebrity doctor heard the accident from his office and rushed to the scene. the woman hit was visiting new york for the first time. part of her leg was severed in that crash. dr. oz said he actually used a dog leash and a belt in an effort to stop the bleeding. the woman is in the hospital this morning and all these stories are going to be covered more in death penalty on good -- good morning america. an interview with the brother of that gunman in georgia. the gunman taken into police custody. his brother is supposed to be joining the crew on good morning america in moments. we're looking forward to. we're followg a lot of stories for you today.
6:54 am
you can check us out on or follow us on twitter on abc2. beautiful sunrise across the inner harbor. bye bye.
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good morning, america. and new this morning, on that dramatic grade school shooting. the 20-year-old shooter planning a massacre, identified overnight after a massive shoot-out. 800 children fleeing amid the gunfire. this morning, we talk, live, to the bookkeeper who talked him down and the officers he finally surrendered to. breaking overnight, firestorm at yosemite national park. flames as tall as building caught on camera. the main road is shutdown. more last-minute evacuations as the intense dry heat makes
6:57 am
conditions worse. a horrifying taxi crash right outside his tv studio. the doc rushing to the rescue, alongside first responders. saving a tourist sitting near the curb. the judge everybody loves to loathe, revealing his softer side. first-time father, simon cowell, revealing how things are changing in his life. and why he's ready to deal with being a dad. and good morning, america. so much to get to right now, starting with that school shooting in atlanta. what a scary way to start the school year. only the second week in atlanta. all the kids you see running out of the school are safe. you can hear the gunfire. there it is, right there, ring across the neighborhood. it was all caught on tape. >> so incredible we're seeing this again. so many emotional reunions
6:58 am
between very anxious parents, their terrified children. hugging each other, crying, after the ordeal is over. abc's steve osunsami is live in decatur, georgia, in front of the grade school with all the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, lara. students are not going to be returning to this school today. instead, they're heading to the high school with the big kids. police are here, turning parents away, while they continue to investigate. this morning, the man accused of shooting up the school has a face and a name. abc news has learned he's michael brandon hill, a 20-year-old with a history of mental health issues. overnight, police searched hill's home. the bomb squad blowing open his trunk. this frightening and all-too familiar scene began at 12:45 tuesday. police say the young man followed someone through the doors of atlanta's ronald e. mcnair academy, where 800 children were attending pre-k through fifth grade.
6:59 am
he headed straight for the front office, armed with an assault weapon and other guns and met bookkeeper antoinette tuff. >> he said he didn't have any reason to live. and he knew he was going to die today. >> reporter: minutes later, cafeteria manager malcolm quillen walked in. >> miss tuff said he was serious about following instructions. as soon as she said serious, he fired off. >> reporter: quillen said the gunman told him to leave and he did. >> i told the principal there was a gunman in the building. call 911. >> reporter: the disturbed young man asked tuff to call our local abc news affiliate, wabc. >> he wants you to start filming as officers die. >> reporter: with students hiding under their desks, police surrounded the school. and hill started firing. >> he fired anywhere from half a dozen shots. and when officers had a clear shot, they returned fire. >> sounds like there's a

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